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Consumer electronics PCB customization case
    Manufacturers are producing smaller and smaller smartphones and laptops that still have many advanced features, which require small PCBs with large star connections. PCBs used in consumer electronics also need to be relatively low cost to keep the price of the final product low. Manufacturers also need reliable boards because they need their products to perform as expected in order to stay in business.

  A large number of consumer products use PCBs, including: Communication devices: Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, radios, and other communication products require PCBs to function. Computers: Both personal and business computers have PCBs. Entertainment systems: Entertainment-related products such as televisions, stereos, and video game consoles all rely on PCBs. Appliances: Many appliances also have electronic components and PCBs, including refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers. The use of PCBs in consumer products is certainly not slowing down. The percentage of Americans who now own a smartphone is 77 percent and growing.
    Smartphones, computers, and many other consumer products that people use every day require PCBs to function. As we add electronics to more products, PCBs become an important part of our daily lives
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